Timothy Escopete

My name is Tim

I just had my lunch, and after it, I went to the second floor and bought a fresh boku juice from Fruitful. They asked my name and I said “Tim”. They, all the times, do this, to write the name on the cup. They wrote “Dim”. I was angry, but just told them to consume the product because it belongs to Dim, not Tim.

This isn’t the first time. They did this 95% of the time. In Fruitful, I become Kim, Dim, Tem, Vim, among others.

Happy people

Earlier that time, as I waited for my order, I saw a girl working at a nearby restaurant meeting someone. They were happy; seeing each other makes them happy. They talked for like a minute being happy. I started at them at a distance realising that they’re better because they are happy. I wonder if they have problems other then money. I feel like, I am trapped in this routine situation here in Cebu where I have to work to live, and to fulfil my obligations. When I stop, all of my dependents will stop with me. This is one of the problem of being alone, having no siblings, to share burden with financially, morally, and emotionally. Here in Cebu, I don’t even feel having a friend, to talk to. I have this supposedly friend whom I thought I can talk to, but to no avail, instead we talk about games, and all the stuff; I hear him talk about it.

Too old

I maybe too old for childish stuff. I can’t mask happiness with those things. This is the reason why, I need an exit every weekend, but such exit is also childish.

Sick leave

When I did not accept the order that I made in Fruitful, I have decided to go home and to file OOO. Then as I walk out of Ayala, I have decided to WFH and to invoke my privilege to still have the benefits of the perks - not being forfeited because I didn’t work at the office. Now, I am back at the office, and I have decided to stay and work here, not because of perks, but because of the tasks that were given to me. In the end, I’ll be the one to answer it.

Pilgrims Progress

This reminds me of Christian who met Mr. Worldly Wiseman and followed his advice to meet Mr. Legality and Mr. Civility. He shouldn’t take Wisemen’s advice; I shouldn’t be tempted by something that will ease me out, but in the long run, gives me more burden.