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Thu., Nov. 16, 2017 | #yoloblomlmtaasosbtdpwkeoboiodawcheoboitod

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xn7ZaT3AgoU

Tue, Nov. 15, '16' | Mosh.

Installed it today. Learned this yesterday.

Tue, Nov. 15, '16' | Ssh aliases by its config.

Also learned this just today, by example.

Tue, Nov. 15, '16' | The moon by 14% bigger.

The moon is bigger by 14% today. The next one will be decades from now.

Mon, Nov. 14, '16' | Mosh.

Learned and heard mosh first from my beloved friend.

Thu, Oct. 27, '16' | St. Timothy is teachable.

To the contrary, Timothy, the owner of this website, is not so much teachable.

TLTR; I’m at WCST at Ilo-ilo City.

Mon, Oct. 10, '16' | Peter Answers is still live.

I just passed by my head and opened a topic of it to someone. I checked on my mobile, and just discovered that it is still live. Unfortunately, I cannot fool someone with this, but then realized, that, the one I just shared this to, had no idea about it. But, I don’t know if it’s the truth.

Tue, Jan. 26, '16 | That there exists a (dot) sh ccTLD.

Yes, there is. It’s not a TLD, but a ccTLD. It does not stand for shell scripts that have .sh extensions, but for a country or territory(ies) in Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, British Overseas Territories. But, I guess I will buy a shorter version for my domain name, timothyae.com, i.e., timothy.sh. And, I will.

Sun, Dec. 27, '15 | Fresh and raw beef and salmon taste good.

Kristel, Miguel and I, wen’t to Anzani, Cebu, for our dinner. Herein the two will be referred to as Migz and Tel, respectively. We ordered something from the menu that’s not under the main course. I ordered salmon fish, while Migz and Tel, beef. When our order arrived, they were all raw and fresh. Yes, raw salmon and beef. I ate all my salmon with their help. Migz ate his with my and Tel’s help; and Tel ate hers with no help at all. Tel ordered the worst order ever, since the day before that at Sarre. The day after that, we went to Marriott Hotel for our lunch buffet and ate raw and fresh salmon again. This time, it tastes very good. I think, I’ll start eating fresh salmon henceforth.

Wed, Dec. 23, '15 | Business Inn changed their admin/admin wifi access.

They changed their wifi password after more than 8 years of having access to it with admin as username and admin as its password. Their internet used to be very expensive; it’s 4 times as much as an average internet cafe charges for an internet per hour. Although they changed their insecure wifi access, they now provide free internet if you ask it from them. Their new username is cafebiz suffixed by a number e.g., cafebiz15. The number changes everyday. Their password is bcdbizinn.

Wed, Nov. 18, '15 | The word/term “kosher”.

Mentioned by Allan C., I google it out, and it means, that which is “accepted by Jewish law as fit for eating or drinking”. Example usage by Allan: “the sitemap module may do something not kosher where it does something hard linked”.

Sat, Nov. 14, '15 | The Fuck.

Sent by a friend, the fuck is a magnificent app which corrects your previous console command. I tried git status as gti status and other commands. First, I noticed a few seconds of delay in displaying a list of suggestions after a wrong command. Second, with gti status, the correct command which is git status is listed as 3rd in the list of suggestions. Third, after trying gti status and followed by other wrong commands, and back to gti status, it does not remember previous choices, so still, the correct git status is listed as 3rd in the list. Finally, I decided not to use it anymore. :)