Timothy Escopete



I’m Timothy. My name comes from two Greek words, Timh, honor or respect, and Theos, God. My name, therefore and literally means, honoring God.

A little background about my religious belief worldview

  1. I am a devout Augustinian. Don’t mistake me as a member of the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. I am a 5-point(er) staunch Calvinist. Yes, my belief system sprang out from the great Reformation.
  3. I am a trying hard, and always reforming, and intolerant Puritan. Don’t get me wrong, I am what I am, by the Grace of God.
  4. Lastly, my denominational affiliation is that of Reformed Baptist.

A little background about other things I do and like

  1. I work as a Drupal web developer. I just recently got Acquia Certification.
  2. I like and love linux.
  3. I like Bash coding.
  4. I would love to be involved in CI and deployment.
  5. I am fond of reading theological books, before.
  6. I am fond of reading law books, and latest jurisprudence from sc.judiciary.gov.ph. I also listen to lenghty oral arguments before the SC.
  7. I currently study Reformed Theology at Ilo-ilo City.

This Site (then and now)

Then. The purpose of this site has to do with Drupal - Code Driven Development, Site Automation, and Module Development. Also, I started to love Markdown, so I made my old Drupal site to use Markdown.

Now. I want to cut server fees, and I just want simplicity, while keeping Markdown.

Other likes

  1. Theology. Theology matters. Time will come, I will become an intolerant.
  2. Politics. I hate it in workplace, but it’s everywhere.
  3. Law and Jurisprudence. Reading latest jurisprudence, may make me sound arrogant, but never stupid. Let’s debate.

Some thoughts of being me

Don’t be like me.

Other info and whereabouts

I came from Bacolod City and grew up there, and now currently living in Cebu City.

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