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Welcome to my personal, but public, website. This domain name was registered in 2008. In 2017, I registered another TLD and planned to move completely to it while slowly deprecating this domain name; but here comes 2021, the site, its renewals, etc, have survived the pandemic and is still up.

I have decided to give my site another fresh look, and to archive all of the post/articles I did in the past, after years of not updating my site.

I started this site with Drupal 6. At a point, I upgraded to Drupal 7. And in 2017 I moved to Jekyll.

Before, I had several linux server instances in AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr for this site, which I am paying for $5 to $10 monthly for years. I also had other servers which I initialize from time to time which costs between $10 to $25 monthly. I even almost tried a dedicated server at $150 per month. Also, I planned on collocation, and static IP internet connection (which has its ports open publicly) very often. The former, being expensive, and the latter, being not available for residential subscription, and business ones would require paper works not to mention the costs too, at lower speed.

I’ve been spending money for those servers as a hobby, for years that if I have to look back in retrospect, was a waste of money. I’m not even a systems admin, or a DevOps, by profession. I have a friend who is one, but not a single server.

This site now is hosted in Netlify for free since 2017 when I moved to Jekyll. I still have paid servers, 2 from vultr and hostwind, and 1 Google Suite for an unlimited space of storage, which I store all raw footages of my CCTVs at home 24/7/365. Crazy? Don’t ask me what’s its use; I’m in a way a digital hoarder.

My long term plan is to get rid of the remaining paid cloud services I have. My priority for this year is the one from hostwind and vultr. I’ll probably keep Google Suite for a year or two until I can invest for NAS system at home. As to me hoarding digital assets, I still don’t see myself divorcing from it anytime soon.

I tried coming up with my own design and theme in the past, and all, but I quickly lost appetite with the looks of what I’m converting from design to Drupal or Jekyll theme. So everything ends up unfinished. I did it several times. I gave up several times too. This time, I’m using, a free Jekyll theme, which doesn’t need me to convert from one framework to the other, etc. (e.g. from plain html to jekyll). See below for the credits.

This site has been under construction since 2008.

Top articles in the past

  1. Install ncmpcpp with visualizer on OSX [Yosemite]
  2. OSX: Randomize cow in Cowsay with Fortune
  3. Run mpd daemon automatically
  4. How to use git filter-branch to move a directory from one repository to the other including its history of commits

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