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Information in this page is outdated. Last update was made on 03 February 2016.

Day 2 in CRBC

Table of contents

  1. Again
  2. Career journey
  3. Constant change
  4. Semper Reformanda

Today is the second day in CRBC, only that I am not there right now. I woke up late, period. I am still on approved 1/2 a day leave of absence until Thursday. But last night’s case ended up as though I worked for full shift i.e., 8 hours. So, this isn’t the usual “Timothy, thou art late”, but it was due to valid circumstances. On top of that, I now reside in Pasay, and CRBC is in Cubao; both are far from each other. Add to that, early morning travel is traveling in rush hours; travel time will be like twice or three times. Action plan for tomorrow includes leaving Pasay as early as 5 in the morning.


Earlier today, it was announced that our dear PH manager, Jinky Suarez, has resigned and its effectivity will be in April. The announcement was dramatic; there were like parents trying to explain to their crying children that their eldest sister is leaving home soon. We chat in PH night shift group while the announcement is being made. Jinky is also there in that group.

Jinky and I clash on some principles in politics, ethics, and application of law. Here’s how we differ:

  • She’s into ethics. I am into strict technicalities.
  • She is an activist to show that something is morally wrong. I am a rebel to show that something is technically wrong.
  • She has a heart; I don’t.
  • She pursues a law degree; I failed.

Thoughts for now is that I can’t divorce myself from it. Not soon.

When I first joined Promet, we had a weird alternating schedule for MWF and TTh. The former, we worked whole day, the normal day shift in the Philippines. The latter, we worked from 2PM until 11PM, to have an overlap with US central time.

One time, it was Tuesday, so our shift ended at 11PM, but I extended my work until midnight. The next day, I woke up late and came to the office late. She chatted me, informed me that I was late. I replied that I extended my work the night before, which is why I am late today. She responded that they even extended their work, in effect, 2 hours, and left the office at 1AM next day. That reply made me angry. I replied back, “Why are you pulling yourself up with your own bootstrap?”. I was about to walk out from the office that time. We had exchanged more replies to each other. One noteworthy reply I received from her was she saying, in effect, that we don’t need laws if we are responsible. I did not agree. I still don’t agree.

Although we had a chat fight, we went together with Sir Jo during lunch time. She was the one who approached me to come with them and to allow my head to cool down. So, I did come with them. The rest of the day and the days after that were like nothing happened. That’s what I like with working with people who are older them me. This is me. When I was a child, I join the men’s group at church. It’s an adult group; I don’t join the young people’s group. What I appreciate more from her was the fact that she was our manager, our superior in the office in terms of management, and HR, but she reached those people in the marginalised area - one of the qualities of a good leader. (Disclaimer: I did not say she’s a good leader. I did not say she isn’t, either. What I just said was such quality is one of the qualities of a good leader.)

Career journey

Back to the time where I almost walked out, it was those times where I have never gone that much as a PolSci student - because after college I mostly work online and freelance. The year was 2013. Things change. The company did not regularised me because I had issues with my direct superior, Dana. I moved back temporarily to Bacolod city, my hometown. I worked freelancing again, mainly with oDesk (now known as upwork). I had several clients, but in May that year, prior to my seminary in Ilo-ilo City, I got a good client. I worked with him, from that time, until I went back to Cebu in June with Jobelle, Gloria, Gerold and Arnold, in one house, and until I got another opportunity with EV. Viper messaged me in linkedIn to submit my CV. I did, and went through the normal interview process, including screen-shared technical exam interview. I was on-boarded into EV’s Drupal project, Urban Institute. EV is an agile scum company. I was able to work on the tasks right away, after I setup my local vagrant, et. al. I have to let go of my other client, because I cannot manage working full time with two companies. So, in September 20, I worked full time with EV.

I work-from-home with EV in Cebu City. Then in January 2015, I moved to Makati City, due to some reasons. I stayed in Makati from January to May. In June, I moved back to Cebu for a month. In July, I moved to Las Piñas, while working at the office in Alabang. This is still in EV.

Jinky contacted me during those times, and after a year of working with EV, I decided to resign and move back to Cebu again, and work with Promet again. So, I moved back to Cebu a week before I started working with Promet last September 28, 2015.

At the time of this posting, I am still with my current company, and still in Cebu, though, I am in Manila right now, just for this week, because I attended CRBC.

Constant change

During my first weeks in Promet for the second time, on one of its Saturday, Jinky said, I am better than before. I learned quite a lot when I was in Makati and Las Piñas, alone. Being alone is stability and sanity. It was as though I entered a rehab. Before I used to argue with the cab drivers, now I don’t. I can enumerate them, but I won’t say them here. However, in the latter part of 2015, I developed something which I don’t like in the first place. I pray for God’s grace. I just can’t leave Cebu now, even though I wanted to.

Semper Reformanda

Ecclesia semper reformanda est is a latin phrase which means “the church is always to be reformed”. If the church should always be reforming, and the believers are part of the church’s body, I should there be always reforming. There are always room for improvements. I learn from my friends, colleagues, enemies, et. al. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

x x x x

Just minutes ago, I uploaded a new album to

Andy Duguid - On The Edge [2013] [Album]

I hope that my ratio will go over my the required ratio for me, otherwise my leeching abilities will be disabled.

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