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Information in this page is outdated. Last update was made on 04 August 2017.


Table of contents

  1. Earlier
  2. Raining whole day
  3. Regrets
  4. Projects
  5. Insomnia


I was not feeling well yesterday and so I went to a Neurologist, but the Doctor in the clinic that I went to, was already out. So, I scheduled an appointment for the following day which is today’s 3:00 PM earlier.

I went to a clinic earlier at 3 PM to see the said Neurologist. I was the number 4 on queue. But the problem was that the Neurologist has not arrived yet that time. He arrived past 5 PM.

Anyhow, I got prescribed 3 medicines. And they are expensive. The first one, costs P 140.00; second one, P 90.00; and the third one, P 24.00. That’s a total of P 242.00 for each of them.

The first one, I bout 30 pieces; second, 30; and the third, 60.

Total expenses was P 8,340.00. On top of that, consultation costs P 500.00.

I did not think that I will reach to a level where I will buy medicines that cost that big.

The third medicine, I need to take 2 capsules a day. So daily, the total cost of the medicines I am taking is P 278.00. That’s bigger compared to the cost of food I eat on a daily basis.

The first medicine, on its package box, it says:

CAUTION: ... Dangerous Drug. This product cannot be dispensed without prescripton
of an S2 licensed physician.

I visited 4 pharmacies - 2 Rose pharmacies and 2 Mercury drug stores.

“We don’t sell dangerous drug, try Mercury drug store”, said the 2nd pharmacy I visited which is Rose pharmacy.

The third one I visited doesn’t have supply of the said drug. This is Mercury drug store.

I was able to buy the said drug from the 4th pharmacy I visited, which is also a Mercury drug store, main branch.

Raining whole day

I woke up today, and the rain is heavy. I worked at SM starbucks after lunch ‘til quarter to 3 PM, prior to my appointment with a Neurologist. After the consultation, I looked for a pharmacy to buy medicines. From SM, I walked close to the Hotel I usually checked-in before. No taxi in SM and many people are on queue for it. I was able to get one close to the said Hotel. I planned to go to its corner, because its corner is a Mercury drug store. During the walk, there’s still a little rain drops falling from the sky. xD. Good thing I had a jacket with me.


With heartfelt regrets, I am very sorry for the bad things I did to someone who is special to me. I earnestly hope for forgiveness.


Ok. I am working with Chris as a contractor. Since the time I started, my tasks are mostly like 5 to 10 hours a week. Sometimes lesser than 5. Sometimes, I take the whole week as my leave. Sounds very flexy right? I thought so.

I got a project with someone for a month. I drafted and made a proposal. It was accepted, and they made an earnest amount earlier as agreed. I will get paid weekly for this. I plan to start this weekend.

Chris got a project for me, which I started 2 days ago already.

But, earlier, Gerald asked me to do a theming, maybe 1 or 2 days for a Monday deadline next week. I said, maybe I can finish this for 8 hours more or less. The price is good considering the level of effort of the task(s).

My prayer would be, to finish the one that has to do with theming over the weekend. Hopefully before Sunday ends, and then to have some work with my other project on Sunday afternoon, and to work with Chris’ project on Monday.


For the past 3 weeks, I have had a hard time going to sleep. I plan to see a Doctor on top of what I did earlier, to ask for sleeping pills prescription.

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