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Information in this page is outdated. Last update was made on 09 December 2016.

Install RVM (Ruby Version manager) in Ubuntu 14.04

Table of contents

  1. Install via PPA
  2. Install RVM, Ruby

Ruby Version Manager (RVM) is a tool that managers Ruby application environments and enables switching between them. This is more of a personal note, as I always end up re-searching about this.

Install via PPA

  1. Add RVM PPA.

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:rael-gc/rvm
  2. Update system.

    sudo apt-get update

Install RVM, Ruby

  1. Install RVM.

    sudo apt-get install rvm
  2. Restart your terminal, or logout/login.

  3. Install Ruby.

    rvm install ruby

That’s it.

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