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"No shock lasts longer than 48 hours. There’s too much appetite for the next shock." - Wilson, The Crown


I was not feeling well yesterday and so I went to a Neurologist, but the Doctor in the clinic that I went to, was already out. So, I scheduled an appointment for the following day which is today's 3:00 PM earlier.


Today, being Sunday, will make the effectivity of my resignation, as part of the last week. Yep, I resigned a month ago, last May 14, 2017, Sunday. It was an irrevocable resignation.



The judicial power that the Court wields is symbolized by a blindfolded lady carrying a set of scales for a reason: it bases its decision, not on who the litigants are, nor on the clout - political, emotional, or financial - they may carry; judicial adjudication is based on law and evidence alone. Under this standard, I cannot grant the petitions without knowingly crossing the line separating judicial power from judicial overreach. - Associate Justice Brion, PH SC








My personal thoughts of the Manny Pacquia trending comment "worst than animals" to homosexuals and same sex marriage.


The third and last day in CRBC, I got 3 additional books: Holiness by J.C. Ryle, The Life of Martin Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) by Ian H. Murray, and You Must Read books that shaped our lives published by Banner of Truth.


Today is the second day in CRBC, only that I am not there right now. I woke up late, period. I am still on approved 1/2 a day leave of absence until Thursday. But last night's case ended up as though I worked for full shift i.e., 8 hours.


First day in Cubao Reformed Baptist Church (CRBC), I got 5 books. I got Systematic Theology 1 that tackles about God, creation, decrees and providence.


Last week, I was here, bound to Manila. I spent my weekend there. Today, I am here again, bound to Manila to spend the whole week there, maybe, and may be extended to even few more days there.


I am intolerant, narrow minded, and stubbornly committed to that which is taught by God and declared by his Word. The Bible demands a very narrow mind or a closed mind - a mind that is resolute in the fact that there is but one way and one road. The bible prepares us for this reality by indicating that "there are few who will find it" (Matt. 7:14).

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