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Information in this page is outdated. Last update was made on 18 February 2016.

Of Manny Pacquiao, homosexuality, same sex marriage, and being worst than animals

Of Manny Pacquiao…

Most of the posts I read, in fb and twitter, show a misinformed distinction between “ceremonial law”, “civil law”, and “moral law” in the Bible; worst is they don’t see any distinction at all, or even unaware that such distinction exists in the first place. The first and the second one do not apply to us as non-Jewish people, neither do they apply to our time today. The 3rd one, applies to all, all the time, but we all violate it. So, I too, violate the moral law of God. This post isn’t in anyway telling someone that I am holier than them. And I do hope that this wouldn’t be interpreted as yet another sanctimonious piece of s–t.

One can’t simply cherry-pick an imperative command in the bible that commands or forbids something and then equate it with “homosexuality”, and ask “hey why stop at homosexuality when the Bible also expressly forbids this and that?”. A correct understanding of which belongs to which will prevent someone from posting such nonsense. We are not under the Levitical ceremonial law, please.

Also as to Pacquiao’s situation, he was just asked on the issue. I think, he answered based on his conscience. I cannot imagine myself having a firm stand on something based on conscience and then asked before the people and lie, just to please others at the expense of being not true to myself.

I also have read posts that his PR team should have advised him not just to apologise but also not to stand by his opinion. First, it wasn’t just a “mere” opinion as it was first alleged, it was an opinion based on conscience captived on something. Not unless his conscience is changed, his opinion won’t change either. Can someone tell me what’s the distinction between an intelligent opinion from the one that isn’t? Well, I see a lot lately, they just jump into quoting quotes out of context, among others. Second, are you seriously suggesting to someone to abandon his beliefs? I thought we are all for “we respect others’ beliefs”? Pushing something to others is being legalistic. I was legalistic. Now, I am not; I’m now passive, at least after 3-4 tries.

Irrespective Pacquiao had other affairs other than his wife, so what? It was prior to his conversion. That’s what the Gospel is all about being a new creation - being regenerated. Personally, even if there were after conversion, that’s still a struggle in every believers’ sanctification process. Recall, that we all violate the moral law of God.

I won’t point fingers to others. Maybe I do. Please correct me. But, I stand to what my conscience dictates. And, it is captived to the Word of God. It is neither safe, nor right to go against conscience. I stand or fall by it. Pacquiao will stand and fall by it.

I was a great sinner before. I am still, up to now. I need a great saviour. The things I loved before, now I hate, but often, I still keep on doing. I may be just another hypocrite to some, if not to all.

Oh btw, I am no Pacquiao fan with his boxing career; so much more to his political career. I stand to what he said on this issue. I stand with the stand of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, in this particular issue. I stand with the ancient Protestant and Reformed churches. Woe to Roman Catholics who deviates from the established Catholic stand on this matter.

As to whether or not, I’ll vote for Pacquiao as a senator, I will outrightly say, “no”, even though it’s a misleading question if someone would ask me that.

Lastly, I did not write this post because I am concerned of his political career, never. I write this post because I share his stand on the issue, and people are are more concerned of his public and political figure, than what they objectively believed in (referring to someone at the office who said, “well, what he said is true, but he will lost a lot of votes in the upcoming election” – something to that effect).


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This was at the same time posted in facebook to a group of believers.

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