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Information in this page is outdated. Last update was made on 02 February 2016.

Day 1 in CRBC

First day in Cubao Reformed Baptist Church (CRBC), I got 5 books.

  1. Systematic Theology 1 - Systematics for God’s Glory God, creation, decrees and providence Jonathan Bayes

  2. Head, Heart, Hands Life-transforming apologetics *Steven D. West

  3. Going Beyond the Five Points Pursuing a more comprehensive reformation Dr. Richard C. Barcellos, Dr. Sam Waldron, Earl M. Blackburn, Dr. Robert Martin Foreword by Dr. James R. White

  4. God’s Greatest Blessing Adoption as the Children of God Frank Allred

  5. Tell All the World Church-based mission for the twenty-first century Grace Publications

The first two were given by Ptr. Arroyo of William Carey Theological Seminary, Ilo-ilo City. The last three, were given by the CRBC itself after the day’s event.

I am excited to read systematic theology again, from a different author and to master the forgotten doctrine of Trinity, and to be able to defend the faith against INCs and other modern versions of ancient Arianism. Likewise, I am excited with what’s beyond the five points [of calvinism] that is, says Jim Savastio, “a rich and satisfying main course…”.

Topics that were discussed on day 1 include:

  1. Hermeneutics
  2. Life of Joseph
  3. Life of John Newton

The first one, I just learned in the afternoon, because I arrived there lunch time already. I work night shift in the Philippines (US shift), and I did not realize that working on Monday night in the Philippines will deprive me of a power nap prior to my studies at CRBC. On top of that, I need to travel by an hour or two to reach there. Hence, I missed the 2 sessions in the morning. Well, there are only 2 sessions in the morning. I do not know the topic of the second session in the morning though. The 2nd and 3th in the list above are the afternoon sessions.

After the sessions were finished, we had a dinner with few pastors and colleagues from William Carey Theological Seminary (WCTS). There were 6 of us, including myself. One of them, is his birthday today. I remember last year, we also had dinner on the same day, same place, same event at CRBC, same venue, and was also his birthday.

After the dinner, I went home. I took the MRT. I bought P100 beep card in Araneta-Cubao. I travelled from there to the last point south where I had a hard time taking a cab. I can’t book Uber because my phone battery is empty. Cab drivers are always negotiating and won’t pick you up if you just pay plain meter. So, I have decided to ask someone where can I ride a jeepney or a bus to MOA / Sea Residences. I was told that I can at the other side of the road, so I went up to the MRT station again and went to the other side. As I went down there, I heard a dispatcher yelling “MOA, MOA…”. I just ignored it and went farther away, until I saw a jeepney that’s almost empty. The jeepney fare is P8.00 to MOA. As I arrived MOA, I walked by the bridge to Sea Residences. I bought a H&S shampoo at the Mini Stop because I was full of sweat and want to take a bath. I went up to Gerold’s unit and tried to open the door. It was closed. Gerold was sleeping. I knocked and after a minute, he woke up. I finally got in, and gotta end this story. I have to take a bath now.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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