Timothy Escopete

New life's chapter

Today, being Sunday, will make the effectivity of my resignation, as part of the last week.

Yep, I resigned a month ago, last May 14, 2017, Sunday. It was an irrevocable resignation.

In my resignation, I laid down 3 main reasons as to why, and the 3rd one is the main one - health reasons. I wanted to take a rest for a couple of weeks to a couple of months, maybe.

The following day, May 15, Monday, my best friend submitted his notice of resignation too; while mine, was formally accepted on that day too.

The following day, Tuesday, in an i-Team, both our names were mentioned by the CEO of the company. His resignation acceptance was made on that day.

Last week’s Wednesday, June 14, was my final day. The following day, all of my access were revoked. The day before that, I thought of writing a bash script to export hipchat chat messages. And so I did, on Thursday.


I did not export the company's chat messages whether it be private or group.

But in here, I want to share it: https://github.com/timhtheos/hipchat-exporter