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Information in this page is outdated. Last update was made on 17 July 2015.

Install rtorrent on Yosemite via brew

Table of contents

  1. Install Dependency
  2. Install rtorrent
  3. Setup RC file
  4. Download Directory
  5. Start rtorrent
  6. Basic Shortcuts

The following steps are the easiest way to install rtorrent - a console-based torrent client - on OSX Yosemite. The same may work on Mavericks and previous versions, but not personally tested. I previously installed it with the previous OS differently which I cannot recount anymore.

Install Dependency

brew install gcc

Install rtorrent

brew install rtorrent

Setup RC file

cd ~
mkdir ~/.rtorrent.session

Download Directory

To set for the download directory, change value for the directory inside .rtorrent.rc file.

Start rtorrent


Basic Shortcuts

Command Description
ctrl + q quit
ctrl + s start download
ctrl + d stop; remove if done twice
left, right arrow keys move to next/previous screen or option
up, down arrow keys move up/down in an option or on the list of torrents
return key rtorrent prompt where you can paste your torrent magnet link

That’s it.

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