Timothy Escopete

Install rtorrent on Yosemite via brew

The following steps are the easiest way to install rtorrent - a console-based torrent client - on OSX Yosemite. The same may work on Mavericks and previous versions, but not personally tested. I previously installed it with the previous OS differently which I cannot recount anymore.

Install Dependency

brew install gcc

Install rtorrent

brew install rtorrent

Setup RC file

cd ~
wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/timhtheos/463842fd0e4ca25086e2/raw/bf168e2c5b65fece626ec2b2d84089cd92dfe0a4/.rtorrent.rc
mkdir ~/.rtorrent.session

Download Directory

To set for the download directory, change value for the directory inside .rtorrent.rc file.

Start rtorrent


Basic Shortcuts

Command Description
ctrl + q quit
ctrl + s start download
ctrl + d stop; remove if done twice
left, right arrow keys move to next/previous screen or option
up, down arrow keys move up/down in an option or on the list of torrents
return key rtorrent prompt where you can paste your torrent magnet link

That’s it.