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Information in this page is outdated. Last update was made on 15 June 2016.

Pilgrims Progress

Table of contents

  1. Pilgrims Progress
  2. Daily Routine
  3. Sick Leave
  4. Random

My Cebu life has been a routine after I decided it to be.

Pilgrims Progress

Today is the third day since I started reading Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan, written 400~500 years ago by an English Puritan. It’s written in an allegory form; and so far I enjoyed reading it. The characters are real and descriptive, and will continue until I finish the whole book.

Daily Routine

Last week, I wrote about number of days since I stopped doing something. I miserably failed on that during the weekends; but now, by the Grace of God, I can say, it has been 3 days since I stopped doing it. This is something that I cannot mention here, maybe at the moment. I also stopped smoking cigarettes.

I started, this week, reading books, one by one. I am still reading Pilgrims Progress.

I also started, watching TV series, downloaded by a friend, whose name I won’t mention, entitled “Silicon Valley”. So far, I enjoyed it, but the routine of watching it before I go to sleep, must stop. I had a hard time sleeping at about 4 AM - an hour and a half after I’m out at the office. I usually went to sleep shortly after I arrived home, at about 3 AM. But, for this past 2 days, I ended up sleeping at 6 AM, despite the fact that I stopped watching at about 4 AM - still scheduled. That’s, for me, a waste of time. I can’t just schedule a sleeping time when my body isn’t even willing to sleep. I can go on with this routine and have my body clock adjust to it, but I am not willing to go for weeks for that to happen.

That makes me think to reconsider the want in me to work on Cebu shift - morning shift. While it will benefit me on the long term basis, I had to adjust for first few weeks.

On top of that, I have problems with the right side of my body, especially my legs when laying down on bed and not able to sleep for quite a time. This must be reformed. I shalt continue watching it, but after I woke up. When I go home, after work, I shalt, after bed preparations, go to sleep outright.

Lastly, I developed a habit of going back home before my work starts and be, intentionally late, considering I did some work prior to cover this tardiness. I am not sure what to do with this, but as of this writing, I am at the office, 4 hrs ahead of the start of my work; am about to eat my breakfast, then shall I decide whether there’s a need to go back home.

Sick Leave

Today is salary day. As I woke up earlier and went to the CR to take a bath, I paused for a while and thinking not to go to work and file an “Out Of Office”, hereinafter shall be referred to as “OOO”, because I am not feeling well. I have considered the perks of perfecting attendance at the office, but still, my inclination is to be OOO. After taking a bathe, I reconsidered everything and decided to go work. Life has changed now; I can no longer do the things that I do before. I have obligations to meet and expectations as well.


Earlier, minutes after I fell asleep, I was awaken by a call from a mobile number that isn’t in m contact. I answered it. But it was a wrong dial on their part. I had a hard time sleeping, after I started watching Silicon Valley, and this girl calling me had the guts of being angry because she dial a number wrong. I posted the incident on my facebook, and I don’t care what ethical standards I violate on the said post.

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