Timothy Escopete

Pilgrims Progress

My Cebu life has been a routine after I decided it to be.

Pilgrims Progress

Today is the third day since I started reading Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan, written 400~500 years ago by an English Puritan. It’s written in an allegory form; and so far I enjoyed reading it. The characters are real and descriptive, and will continue until I finish the whole book.

Daily Routine

Last week, I wrote about number of days since I stopped doing something. I miserably failed on that during the weekends; but now, by the Grace of God, I can say, it has been 3 days since I stopped doing it. This is something that I cannot mention here, maybe at the moment. I also stopped smoking cigarettes.

I started, this week, reading books, one by one. I am still reading Pilgrims Progress.

I also started, watching TV series, downloaded by a friend, whose name I won’t mention, entitled “Silicon Valley”. So far, I enjoyed it, but the routine of watching it before I go to sleep, must stop. I had a hard time sleeping at about 4 AM - an hour and a half after I’m out at the office. I usually went to sleep shortly after I arrived home, at about 3 AM. But, for this past 2 days, I ended up sleeping at 6 AM, despite the fact that I stopped watching at about 4 AM - still scheduled. That’s, for me, a waste of time. I can’t just schedule a sleeping time when my body isn’t even willing to sleep. I can go on with this routine and have my body clock adjust to it, but I am not willing to go for weeks for that to happen.

That makes me think to reconsider the want in me to work on Cebu shift - morning shift. While it will benefit me on the long term basis, I had to adjust for first few weeks.

On top of that, I have problems with the right side of my body, especially my legs when laying down on bed and not able to sleep for quite a time. This must be reformed. I shalt continue watching it, but after I woke up. When I go home, after work, I shalt, after bed preparations, go to sleep outright.

Lastly, I developed a habit of going back home before my work starts and be, intentionally late, considering I did some work prior to cover this tardiness. I am not sure what to do with this, but as of this writing, I am at the office, 4 hrs ahead of the start of my work; am about to eat my breakfast, then shall I decide whether there’s a need to go back home.

Sick Leave

Today is salary day. As I woke up earlier and went to the CR to take a bath, I paused for a while and thinking not to go to work and file an “Out Of Office”, hereinafter shall be referred to as “OOO”, because I am not feeling well. I have considered the perks of perfecting attendance at the office, but still, my inclination is to be OOO. After taking a bathe, I reconsidered everything and decided to go work. Life has changed now; I can no longer do the things that I do before. I have obligations to meet and expectations as well.


Earlier, minutes after I fell asleep, I was awaken by a call from a mobile number that isn’t in m contact. I answered it. But it was a wrong dial on their part. I had a hard time sleeping, after I started watching Silicon Valley, and this girl calling me had the guts of being angry because she dial a number wrong. I posted the incident on my facebook, and I don’t care what ethical standards I violate on the said post.