Timothy Escopete

Install mpd + ncmpcpp on OSX Yosemite

I had successful installation of mpd + ncmpcpp on Linux and OSX Mavericks. When I upgraded to Yosemite, I had this installed too, but on the exception that running mpd requires --no-daemon option. That was last year.

Early this year, I was forced to do a clean reformat and install of Yosemite. After setting up my local, here are the steps I did to sucessfuly install mpd + ncmpcpp on Yosemite without the --no-daemon option.


  1. mpd
    • Stands for Music Player Daemon.
    • From musicpd.org is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol.
    • Can be installed into Unix/Linux, OSX, and Windows.
  2. ncmpcpp
    • Stands for NCurses Music Player Client (Plus Plus).
    • From wiki.archlinux.org is an mpd client (compatible with mopidy) with a UI very similar to ncmpc, but it provides new useful features such as support for regular expressions for library searches, extended song format, items filtering, the ability to sort playlists, and a local filesystem browser.
    • Website ncmpcpp.rybczak.net
    • Can be installed into Unix/Linux (Gentoo, Arch, FreeBSD, Fedora, Debian, Mandriva, etc), and OSX.


  1. Install mpd via homebrew

    brew install mpd
  2. Install ncmpcpp

    brew install ncmpcpp
  3. Create directories and files

    cd ~
    mkdir .mpd
    cd .mpd
    mkdir playlists
    touch mpd.conf
    touch mpd.db
    touch mpd.log
    touch mpd.pid
    touch mpdstate

    or you can execute all together

    cd ~ && mkdir .mpd && cd .mpd && mkdir playlists && touch mpd.conf mpd.db mpd.log mpd.pid mpdstate
  4. Write conf file in mpd.conf

    music_directory         "~/Music"
    playlist_directory      "~/.mpd/playlists"
    db_file                 "~/.mpd/mpd.db"
    log_file                "~/.mpd/mpd.log"
    pid_file                "~/.mpd/mpd.pid"
    state_file              "~/.mpd/mpdstate"
    auto_update             "yes"
    auto_update_depth       "2"
    follow_outside_symlinks "yes"
    follow_inside_symlinks  "yes"
    audio_output {
        type                  "osx"
        name                  "CoreAudio"
        mixer_type            "software"
    decoder {
        plugin                "mp4ff"
        enabled               "no"
    bind_to_address         ""
    port                    "6600"
    user                    "timothy"

    Change paths to your choice, and the user to what you get when you do whoami in your shell.

  5. Finally, run mpd daemon


    And, run ncmpcpp


That’s it. I didn’t thought that installing it into Yosemite was that simple. Hope this helps.